Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May 2011

May was a busy month with school coming to an end and Aleah graduating preschool. I have so many plans for the summer: vacation to florida, finishing up a few projects-painting, hang curtains, etc., and help Aleah prepare for kindergarten.

The ending of the school is a little sad in a way. I will miss the students I had this year, but everyone is ready for a small break. I mean small because it will fly by in the next couple of months.

The preschool Aleah attended had graduation for every student from ages 3 to 5 years old. The program was so cute!! Each age group got on stage and sang several songs for the guest. It was just too sweet.! I know the teachers put a lot of hard work and time in to this program!! Thank you to every teacher and all that was involved in making this program a success.
I cannot believe little Aleah will be in school next year!!

We had to paint nails before graduation.

Aleah and her sweet,sweet teacher. We love her!!

Ms. Leanne made all the girls a cute orange bow to match the shirt the teachers gave the children as a gift.

A pail of goody's for graduation from preschool .

You made it!! We are so proud of you!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Easter Egg Hunt

Our church had an egg hunt for the children. They had a great hunting the eggs and the silver egg. After the hunt, they all came in and got many prizes. The adults fixed up some delicious finger foods. The weather was great!!

Waiting patiently for the egg hunt. She tried several times to look out the windows.

A few more eggs being hid!!

On your mark get set GO!!!

AND she is off!!

Birthday Girl

Aleah is 5 years!! Where does time go? She had a party at preschool the day before her birthday because of the Easter Party they were having on her birthday. Aleah and I made cupcakes. She did the sprinkles and the toppers.

The day of her birthday, which was on Friday, we all went to McDonalds. This is one of her favorite places to go.

Nan Ma and Aleah before the party began.

Doug and Issy

She wanted to try a cookie cake instead of the regular decorated cakes. She blew out all five candles.

Oh Dad!! I love my doll!! He kept the big doll in the truck and took her after the party to see it.

She got few things that was on her list.

Wonder what they were up to!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Cold Day For Easter Egg Hunting and A Bunny Brunch

This year we went to the Bunny Brunch. The food was wonderful!!!! Aleah got to make a few crafts including decorating a cookie that she ate before we left. After we ate, she to pet the bunny and some baby chicks. The children went outside to hunt eggs, and it did not take them long!! It was windy and COLD, but it could have been worse...with rain. I am just glad they got to hunt!! Here are a few pictures for the family in Georgia to enjoy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

March Highlights

March was a marvelous month to say the least. Aleah had to dress up for preschool on a few being support the Tn Vols or Tn. Titans. Well, we chose the Tn Vols!! I am not sure how her Dad felt about this, because he is a Georiga Bulldog fan. St. Patricks came around, and we had to have a cute shirt for this day. The lady that made these shirts and put the matching ruffle did an outstanding job:)

School was out for a week for Spring Break. Spring Break is a time to relax and enjoy...well for us.. it was busy. We decided to remodel the laundry room and the bathroom. I do not have before pictures of either project, but I do have after on the landry room. The floor in the laundry room was concrete with white walls. Wait until you see the after shots! A wonderful job on both of these projects. Now I am working on getting curtains made and decorating both rooms.

Aleah and I did find time to go to the park and enjoy a little lunch one day. Mom, Holly, Aleah, and I went shopping a few times during March to find material to make Aleah an outfit for Easter. I have talked Mom into sewing again!!!! Can't wait to post a few pictures of the finished product.

LOOK AT ME, GRANDMA!!! I am a Tn Fan;)

Dad looks a little proud!!


Play time at the PARK

After pictures of the laundry room. I love this room!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine Days Cards

Ready for Valentine Days!!
During children's time at church, they had a few snacks for the children. Aleah is showing off her stained lips from her most loved chips...Doritos. She helped me dip strawberries in chocolate before she prepared her Valentine Cards. I fixed a wonderful meal with tenderloin-Almond Pork, Roasted Asparagus Red Potato Salad, and Strawberry Graham Dessert. Ummm..It was so good.

Getting her little Valentine Cards ready for preschool. This was the first time I had someone to make her cards, and I think they turned out CUTE!! Aleah wanted to attach some candy to each one, so we taped Smarties to the envelope.

Pageant Birthday Party

Aleah was invited to a Pageant Birthday Party!! Now that is a CUTE idea. I decided to play this up because she is a Tom Boy-nothing wrong with that- but I wanted to see her all dressed up. We headed off to get her hair, nails, and toenails done. Aleah wanted her Dad to go, so he was in the corner filming while I was taking pictures. I was a little worried because she has a had time being still. Oh my!! she did not move the entire time!!
The party was like a real beauty pageant where every little girl walked in front of judges and information was read about the contestant. They were all so cute and dainty. Every contestant won a title.

Look at her hair!! CUTE!! CUTE!!

This is Precious!!
At the party!! The decorations were amazing. I have never been to a more wonderful party!! I love hot pink and green together.

Practiced walking for the pageant. Her first time!!

********MOST PHOTOGENIC********
How cute is this baby!! I love her so much!!

She worked up an appetite after the pageant!!

They all wanted a balloon at the end of the party.