Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May 2011

May was a busy month with school coming to an end and Aleah graduating preschool. I have so many plans for the summer: vacation to florida, finishing up a few projects-painting, hang curtains, etc., and help Aleah prepare for kindergarten.

The ending of the school is a little sad in a way. I will miss the students I had this year, but everyone is ready for a small break. I mean small because it will fly by in the next couple of months.

The preschool Aleah attended had graduation for every student from ages 3 to 5 years old. The program was so cute!! Each age group got on stage and sang several songs for the guest. It was just too sweet.! I know the teachers put a lot of hard work and time in to this program!! Thank you to every teacher and all that was involved in making this program a success.
I cannot believe little Aleah will be in school next year!!

We had to paint nails before graduation.

Aleah and her sweet,sweet teacher. We love her!!

Ms. Leanne made all the girls a cute orange bow to match the shirt the teachers gave the children as a gift.

A pail of goody's for graduation from preschool .

You made it!! We are so proud of you!!


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